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BEST selection of
Wine Making and
Beer Brewing Kits
1535 Northwood Drive
Salisbury, MD  21801
Welcome to our all new website where you will find everything you need to know about the fine art of Wine Making and the best methods for brewing your own personal craft beer....all in the comfort of your own home!
Eastern Shore Wine & Beer Supply offers everything you need to create your own wines or craft beers. If we don't have it here in stock, we will find it, get it, and even have it delivered right to your door!
But that's not all! We now provide individual instruction, group classes and seasonal seminars on the fine art of wine making and brewing your own craft beer. You can even come and make it right here in our store located in Salisbury, MD.
Wine Making Kits
There are many different types kits for making wine from manufactuers like Vintner's Best©, Limited Edition & Global Best,  and . Eastern Shore Wine and Beer Supply has a full line of kits and supplies including:

Winemaking Instruction Book
5-6 Gallon Better Bottle Carboy
Double Lever Corker
24" Plastic Spoon Hydrometer
Drilled Rubber Stopper
Siphon Hose
Bottle Filler
Bottle Brush
& Equipment Instructions
Complete Wine Making & Beer Brewing Kits
and get 10% Off our Complete Wine Making & Beer Brewing Kits
Open Monday thru Friday - 8am to 4:30pm
Saturday - 9am to 12pm
(Closed Sunday)
Home Brewing Kits
Eastern Shore Wine and Beer Supply sells complete home brewing kits from top name brand manufacturers like Brewers Best®. Most kits we offer include the following items to help get you started:

Beer Making Instruction Book
Primary Fermenter
Bottling Bucket with Spigot
Liquid Crystal Thermometer
Lab Thermometer
Brew Paddle
Bottle Filler
Bottle Brush
5 Gallon Glass Carboy
Universal Carboy Bung
Carboy Brush
Twin Lever Capper
Siphon Hose and Shut-Off Clamp
& Equipment Instructions
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About 15 years ago, Pete & Donna Fischer started making homemade wines in the comfort of their own home. More recently, Pete also started brewing his own unique craft beer. Occasionally, Pete would order extra supplies for friends and other other local wine lovers, beer lovers, hobbyists, and enthusiasts. Last year, Pete and Donna opened up a brand new store, Eastern Shore Wine & Beer Supply, on Northwood Drive in Salisbury, MD. Their new store carries a wide selection of wine making and home brewing equipment and supplies. They also offer offer individual instruction as well as group classes and seminars on how to make different types of wine and how you can brew your own craft beer. Their store even has facilities where you can come and make wine or beer right on their premises!
BEST selection of
Wine Making and
Beer Brewing Kits!
1535 Northwood Drive
Salisbury, MD  21801
Wine or Beer
in the Comfort
of your own Home!
Or do it
in Our Store!
Word has been spreading fast and they now have customers and students who come to their store from all over the Delmarva region including Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. This year, Pete & Donna have expanded their locally owned and operated business by offering bigger discounts and a wider selection of quality products end equipment, including complete Wine Making and Home Brewing kits, plus quality vintage grapes and other fruit concentrates, a larger variety of hops, malts and yeast for beermaking, plus instruction books, bottling equipment, corkers, thermometers, hydrometers, label makers and everything else you could possibly need to make your own home made wines, beers and ales. If what you want or what you need it isn't currently in stock, they will have it delivered right to your door. Call or visit them at their store in Salisbury MD, today!
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